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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Mrs. Bentley's english toffee

I have been a collector of recipes for about 40 years, collecting from magazines, friends, family and potlucks.  One of my favorite candies to make is my english toffee recipe.  I got it from a patient of mine named Mrs. Bentley who brought our office some at Christmas time.  Recipe as follows:

1 # butter...........only REAL butter!!!
2 cups of sugar

Put in a large heavy pot on the stove and melt the butter and sugar, stir just to mix very gently.  I then stand there and mostly just watch it come together over medium to medium high heat.  Sometimes if you stir too much the mixture will separate so the least amount of stirring works best.  I then get a jar of peanut butter out and set it by the stove, we always have peanut butter because my husband is crazy for it. He thinks Skippy is the best.  When the mixture starts to turn color stir very gently..I use a large wooden spoon.  Then when the butter and sugar mixture is the SAME COLOR as the peanut butter I take it off the heat and pour it oonto a buttered cookie sheet, one recipe yields 2 cookie sheets.  DOn't undercook it or it will be chewy, better to be a little darker than too light.  Let it cool for just a minute or two and then I toss some milk chocolate morsels on top and spread it with the spatula every few minutes.  I use a large cake spatula, (leftover from my days when I did a lot of cake decorating)  then I toss on either sliced or powdered almonds.  Sometimes I toss in a bunch of nuts into the mixture just before I take it off the heat, I will use large chopped almonds but sometime I want to try a mixture of nuts.

It is always a hit!  Everyone loves it.  Easy to make and I try to time it when the butter goes on sale too!

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