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Sunday, January 6, 2013

Chicken soup with hominy and jalapenos

I've been under the weather for the past few days but today I decided I could make a nice dinner for my brother and my husband.   We then like to go downstairs and watch You Bet Your Life with Groucho Marx on Netflix and have a bit of dessert.

First off we started with a nice green salad...
(I took this picture with my camera phone--blurry!)

just red leaf lettuce, pomegranate seeds, cherry tomatoes and sliced cucumber... I usually make homemade salad dressing however tonight I cheated and used bottled Vidalia onion dressing.
also wonderful french bread from the La Brea bakery with cold butter to spread on top.  I prefer cold butter straight from the fridge over room temp butter.

I have a darling neighbor whose daughter sells magazines as a fundraiser for her school sometimes and I must have gotten Rachel Ray's magazine and I have to say I have enjoyed it. I adapted one of her recipes for dinner.

A chicken and hominy stew. I am part hispanic and my mother.... who was a stay at home mom... made dinner every night from scratch, we ate every meal together and we all had our 'spot' at the table.   A tradition I kept with our family when my children were young. My mother always uses fresh garlic, as do I and we had plenty of fruits and vegetables and she loved soups too.

First off I roasted in the oven 4 chicken breasts (for this recipe I used 3, started out with just 2.... story follows) saving 1 chicken breast for lunch tomorrow for Ed. I rinsed the chicken breasts, patted them dry and drizzled some evoo on top along with salt that had some herb mixture already in it--looked like bits of basil, dried red stuff? you know the type don't you.?   I baked them at 375 degrees for about an hour and a half. I always use my thermometer and I took them out when the internal temp was 170plus degrees..... they will continue to cook a bit to reach their recommended 180 degrees, I then let them cool down so as to shred later and add to the soup.

Then in a stockpot I sauteed
2 onions diced
2 jalapenos diced, seeded of course!
3 tomatillos diced
2 garlic cloves. Added some salt and pepper and then cooked until the onion was softened--about 5-10 minutes. I then added 2 tablespoons of chili powder and 1 large carton of chicken stock. simmered until hot and added 2 cans of hominy. then I skinned 2 of the chickens that I had cooked and shredded it with my hands... I prefer it that way to dicing it up in cubes. Of course you can use a fork and shred them easily-- however I like to get my hands into it!   I then tasted it and OOOOooh too spicy hot! added another carton of chicken broth (about 2 cups worth)... and shredded in 1 more chicken breast... so much better.

Served it with lime wedges, freshly chopped cilantro, and a dollop of sour cream and diced jalapenos.
Super easy....super quick!

 My husband thought I should also have some chopped onion to go on top, however we were already seated at the table. There were already 2 onions in it and I told him so---- it would have to do.

  So mexican food is a comfort food for me and I grew up eating menudo on Sunday mornings occasionally and I still love it, this soup reminded me of that but without the tripe that so many people are too freaked out to eat.    Back then my father would bring one of our own pots and go to the mexican store to fill it up. I think it was around $3.00 a pot. Menudo was a long process of making and so that is one soup we used to buy.

I have plenty of spots open at the table and I would love for one of you to stop by for dinner!   give me a weeks notice and I will prepare something spectacular for you.

much love,

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