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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Out with the bff's

What I have realized through the years is how important it is for us women to have other women in our life.  They encourage, inspire, support, offer advice and love us. Yes the good ones love us even when we're not at our best so don 't let them go!

Lisa on my right I met 3 years ago and was a co-worker where I work  now as an optometric technician and Janice on my left I met in the 7th grade.... yes 44 years ago.  We are friends for life.  We laugh a lot and look forward to our girls night out!    Me--I'm  in the middle and don't we look happy!  we are!

So this past Wednesday I was heading straight from work to downtown Langley for dinner and a movie, it helped get me through the day.  We decided to meet up at The Village Pizzeria.... WE LOVE it~~ for a slice of pizza, salad and a glass of wine or beer ~~ I had Stella Artois.   My favorite is the pesto thin crust pizza..YUM!


The Village Pizzeria is adding on and by the photos it will be fabulous with a full view of our lovely puget sound!
then we walked across the street to The Clyde theatre. a very, very small town movie theatre which we adore.  The owners are very nice and they generally get up on stage before the movie starts and give you a brief synopsis of the story line.   Entrance is $7.00,  popcorn $1, yes I said $1.00!, candy 75 cents to $1.50 and sodas $1.00.... see why we like it!


No matter what we eat for dinner we are always IN for a bag of popcorn, candy and soda...
We saw the movie Flight with Denzel Washington and I loved it.... so moving.  At times brought me to tears.

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