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Saturday, May 24, 2014

Farmer's Market

Hey look who I ran into at the bayview nursery!  My sweet friends Paige and Cyndee!  They are a delightful Mom & Daughter who have the most wonderful Texas drawl.   Kind hearted and a joy to be around!  We always laugh a lot together.

Ed and I started out at the local Famers Market to stock up on some wonderful fresh from the earth garden vegetables, and also some local bread and Pastries made by the Tree-top nursery..... EVERYTHING they make is delish! and to die for.
Here's a link to their website.  They also happen to live in my neighborhood.  They are a couple of great guys, that are always fun to chat with.
We always buy their wonderful coconut macaroons dipped in yummy dark chocolate and also their artisan baguette bread.  So good with cold amish butter.     

Then onto the bayview nursery where the golden chain is in full bloom

Then home to make a wonderful dish of peppers, tomatoes to roast in the oven.  Yum!  Come on over for a bite and to watch me work in the studio!  You are welcome anytime!

I changed this recipe up a bit because my peppers were small, here's the link to the recipe:

con tanto amore,


  1. What an amazing garden centre Denise..lovely happy photos x

  2. Dearest Denise,

    Absolute true Beauty! I'm glad you & Hubby can go & enjoy the market together! Wonderful! The pics are amazing, thanks fir sharing & love the roasted tomatoes dish how do you cook/roast them? Look like there are some heirlooms in the mix! Looks yummy! The arbors are gorgeous! When I was there on Whidbey Island visiting my ill Father I wish I had more time to drive & take in all the beauty that is there to see! On my next trip, perhaps! Thank you for sharing this was delightful!

    Have a blessed holiday weekend!
    Love & hugs,