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Saturday, July 26, 2014


I have not been able to make beads for a week and I've got another week to go before I get back to the flame.  It certainly is a healing process for me when I create beads..... However I bought a sketch pad today and have been busy drawing .... Certainly a work in process but something that I find fulfillment in as well.... I think my drawings are whimsical, joyful and I inject sassy sayings in them so you know that they are from me.   They give me a smile .. And I'm trying to find my own style and way.......My sarcastic wit is not always enjoyed by all but it is who I am and this has helped me survive through some very rough times.  Gale I miss you so very much..... You always got it!  In my youth I was not allowed much privileges so I was by myself a lot and had to find things to amuse myself.

Down here (So Cali) we are experiencing the dreaded heat.... I detest it!  I feel sluggish and lazy and full of pain when I get overheated..  Thus it prevents me from going outside and I have to stay in the air conditioning to feel better..... 

I have been enjoying my sweet little Max so very much and know that I will soon be returning to my home in the puget sound 1200 miles north.  My daughter .... Kelsey has asked me to throw him his 1st birthday party !   He is the sweetest most precious gift from God!   And I love him so very much.  He has my long toes too. 

Everyone has gone to sleep and yet I am not ready to give in to the sandman yet!  I feel very connected to all of my etsy friends and I have missed each and every one of you!  -- thinking of you and Sending  you much love.



  1. Dearest Denise,

    If it's any consolation,...I miss you! I'm sure I'm not alone in this arena. & also going through withdrawals of not buying your beautiful works of Art that only you can create in such special ways!

    Now with that being said, enjoy these very special times with your Daughter & first Grand baby, Sweet Max! My goodness how he's grown so fast in 1 week's time! God has blessed you so vast in the joy!

    You know you have a great following & we all want you to enjoy spending time with your family. & you know we will all be waiting anxiously upon your return to obtain more sweet treasures!

    Know that Miss Gale is watching over you from Heaven above, look up she's that beautiful bright star gleaming like a ray of sunshine full of love.

    Yes the heat we are having is awful, I was awoken to the delightful sound of the pitter-patter of the raindrops that I haven't heard in so long (thunder & the crackle of lighting too!) as we need rain! Refreshing to say the least here in Oceanside,CA

    Ok I absolutely Adore the girl in the middle with the garland & sweet rosy cheeks! If you are going to offer these sketches please place me down for her! Darling indeed, you see more creativity coming from within.

    Hope to see you again.
    God bless you & your precious family

    Love & hugs,

  2. Denise,

    I am so excited for you and your family enjoying this time together with your Grand Baby Max!! I am send my blessings and prayers your way��