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Friday, September 12, 2014

good days/ bad days

Some days I sit at the torch creating beads and everything flows just right, eyes are perfect, colors are good, form is what I intended, however there are some days when it's just not there, inspiration, form and so forth.  I also prefer not repeating a bead--- what I mean is an EXACT copy of a previous one....I will always create more of a similar style.... like OwLs with Halloween Hats and so forth... HOPING that this makes sense now!. I like each one to have their own look/personality...... and I truly hope that people will love that their bead is the only one out there.  Also I like to let my mind wander as I create vs looking up at a picture to try and EXACTLY duplicate a bead.... it doesn't allow me to express my creativeness.

When I initially start a new bead it will take me many tries to get it just right; and the way that I want it to look.  A bead style becomes perfected-- and better with repeating the same style over and over again. I know when to add the accents at just the right time so that nothing is melted in and that it stays 3 dimensional.  In regards to the mice, there have been many changes...   puffy cheeks, and an indentation where the mouth would be, and where the eyes are added.  I recently starting doing the many Halloween owl beads with hats that you have seen lately,  I hadn't made them in a whole year so at first they may not have been 'as good' as the ones that you have seen more recently, I do try my best each time.

On Your Queen's Day or Princess night I certainly hope that everything will flow just right for me and that you will be delighted with what I've come up with.  I know that what you have in mind doesn't always come to fruition on my part.  Hence if you are not "in love" with your days choices you never ever have any obligation to buy.  I will add you to the list again joyfully!   and create another days beads for you in your choice of color/style if you would like.

Sending you much love for all of you who have chosen to be on the list.  I truly look forward to creating your pieces of individual art beads.


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