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Sunday, December 14, 2014


So on Thursday night we had a terrific windstorm..... clocking up to 70+ mph in parts of our island.  It was scary as our home backs up to 10 acres of heavily forested tall trees~~alders, firs, and cedars. You could hear branches 'cracking' and it is not a pleasant sound I might say.   We lost power and didn't get it back on until last night, had another brief power outage this morning.

Am planning on getting my orders packaged up speedily !   Sorry for any delay.

sunny, wind at 4mph and 40 Degrees!.... joy!
much love,

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  1. Mother Nature can humble us withing minutes, Denise. I'm happy you are fine, wind can be a mighty foe. I hope you have sunny skies for a while, it's too early in the season for bad weather that lasts. Enjoy your sunny skies, my friend :-) <3

    Love, Regina XOXO