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Sunday, August 2, 2015

My stay vacation

We were so blessed to have our daughter and her family travel up from Southern California to spend 9 days with us!  Our son Kameron also arrived !!  

We had so much fun.... I loved every minute of it!

more pictures to come!

The wonderful Pikes Place Market in Downtown Seattle, the flowers are amazing!

Celebrating Max's 1 year old birthday

Downtown Langley, waiting for our table at the Village Pizzeria

funny sweet 1 year old Max on the boat

Alisa holding one of the many dungeness crabs that we caught and devoured!

Siena , fishing!

Max on our beach at low tide

Alisa who is 12 years old

Kelsey and baby Max

The girls and I walked to the beach as I knew there were many ripe blackberries just waiting to be picked.  It's a 20 minute walk....... all down hill.... coming back is not as easy

Painting at the Paint Escape

Mark and Kelsey

Our wonderful pool which is just meters away from the sound

Mark and Ed showing off some of our catch!

Ed's new deck.... we had many wonderful evening spent out here


  1. Delightful photos of a delightful family, Denise :-) I'm so happy for you that you had your family snuggled around you for so long <3 I know seeing them leave had to be tough on you, you are such a mamma, but they will be back. You are such a mother to us all, we ALL love you :-) Ease back into work, THAT will be the shocker :-D

    Love and many hugs to you, dear friend :-) <3

    Regina XOXOX

  2. Dearest Denise,

    Thanks for sharing these precious moments! I know you've been planning this for a while! My goodness Sweet a Baby Max has grown so much since I last saw all of you! I remember holding him he's just such a sweet boy,precious as ever, your sweet Grandson! He's just precious as ever! Kelsey looking beautiful
    As always & her & hubby Mark make such a beautifully handsome couple! So in love! The girls are growing up so fast! You look darling holding Sweet Max! Ed looking good liked he really enjoyed taking the boat out and great catch! Ok tell me did you make the b- day cake looks yummy! The girls with basket full of blackberries oh my!!!

    I know when family leaves the "NEST" it feels so empty, that first week is so hard, they know Mama Bird loves them so very much as they love you! Remember you now have wonderful memories to add to your book of life and as your Family continues to grow with more Grandchildren, you are creating new traditions as they come to visit Grandma & Grandpa's house in the summertime, they'll carry these memories & traditions with them
    always! Know they are only a phone call away and a few hours via flight! You'll be here next Spring holding them all in your arms once again! I look forward to your yearly visit can't wait to see everyone again! You've given them a delightful vacation, these are your most precious gifts from God.

    I remember visiting my father, I have found memories of Whidbey Island & Seattle pikes market is fabulous!

    Thanks for sharing these special precious moments with us!

    God bless & keep you always in his gracious love
    Big warm hugs sent
    Love you dear heart

  3. Such wonderful family photos, Denise! Love seeing all types of photos, especially the old black and white ones, what a history they tell.

    On my mom's side of the family, her cousin's daughter (her second cousin and my second cousin once removed, I guess, I can never remember how that works!!) Julianne has an Ancestry.com account with all the wonderful family photos. Quite a few of them are from when I was a young girl.

    On my dad's side, My Aunt Nancy (my mom's sister-in-law through marriage) had a photo book put together through a company called Shutterbug. It of course covers both my paternal grandparent's lives, with lots of wonderful photos, information and tidbits, some when I was younger, too! Told her it was one of the BEST Christmas presents I'd received in a long time. She wasn't too sure if I'd want it because we'd had a very strained relationship between us and my dad's side of the family mainly because my father was a very abusive alcoholic. But I'd told her that wasn't the case.

    Glad you had a terrific time with all of your family. Little Max is SO cute, Denise! Pikes Place Market looks like it would be a LOT of fun to go to, love those kind of things like Farmer's Markets, Arts and Craft shows, etc., etc., etc.. I've been to Fisherman's Wharf in San Francisco when my mom took us on a trip to California after my freshman year in high school was over, absolutely LOVED that, just about any kind of seafood is one of my favorite things to eat!!!!

    Have heard Seattle is a wonderful place but has a lot of rain, is that true? I'd really like to get there someday. It would be so nice if I can meet you in person someday, Denise. I feel like I know you so well and yet it hasn't been that long since I've started buying your beautifully-created beads.

    Will talk again soon and value your friendship SO much.

    Much Love & Hugs,
    God's Blessings,