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Sunday, January 24, 2016

Congrats! Erin O!

I've reached 13,000 sales on Etsy.   Thank you!

I put all of the names into the sorting hat!, for those who had commented.

Erin your name was drawn and I will convo you with a special coupon code for $25.00 credit towards anything in my Etsy shop!

Thank you ALL for the wonderful comments and I appreciate you so very much, your words of encouragement enrich my life greatly.
I value the friendships that I have made across the many miles that separate us.

If I could I would do art from sunup to sundown each and everyday.  Always thinking about new ideas.

joyfully and with much love,


  1. Hi, Denise!
    Hooray! I am so thrilled and thank you very much! Your creations are true treasures and I never tire at studying them and admiring them! My fiancé thinks I am slightly crazy (said in fun!) but he is very impressed by your attention to detail and just how 'life like' these little guys are! You already know what I think! :) Thank you again for this very generous coupon!
    Lots of love,

    1. Congrats Erin,

      I had to chuckle as your Fiancé,... my hubby well yes they say we're crazy in a fun living way but they don't get it like we do! I've been a long time collector/admirer & getting to know Denise over the years,...meeting her in person you couldn't meet a more kind & gracious, fun loving, gifted Lady! She's beyond Amazing, she's a genuine person of whom I feel very blessed to know, she has touched so many of our lives in more ways that I think she could have ever thought when she started creating these Beautiful pieces of Art! Denises Art, warning it's beyond addicting! Better than chocolates! And you'll cherish them as heirlooms! So enjoy the start of an amazing journey into Denise wonderful world of creations each one made with so much love from her loving hands!
      Take care,

    2. oh MJ... your words mean so very much, brings tears to my eyes. YOU are so very sweet, I'm so very blessed to call you my friend.
      Love you,

    3. Hi, MJ!
      Thank you for the good wishes and it is a pleasure to meet you! Reading your testimony is really all anyone needs to understand how dear Denise is to so many people! I'd like to add that while Denise possesses an incredible 'God given' gift, I believe it is her inner joy and goodness that truly makes these beauties even more precious! MJ, I am here to stay and I am pretty fortunate that Joe just smiles and says "How do you want to display them?!"...Lol!
      Wishing you all every blessing,

  2. Hi Denise
    The names I'm
    Interest in are as follows
    Many thanks
    Love Josie J