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Sunday, May 15, 2016

Queen Erin......... owl........ periwinkle blue/bohemian themed

The lovely Queen Erin sent me a photo of a past owl that I had created to inspire me to come up with her special owls.  The specific owl was made with turquoise and periwinkle blue and also had some Z99 frit and they were what I called Bohemian themed.......... so I went with it!    I usually make around 10 and I succeeded!
Many people have asked me how I come up with their names... let me let you in on my secret!
They whisper their names to me as I am posting them, this time I also will tell you a little bit about their personality.

I used lots of polka dots, stayed along in that blue/turquoise theme with wonderful pinks and purple accents... and I  used murrini that I purchased from other glass bead artists, putting in the links for you, also some wonderful Z99 frit and fine silver mesh all while listening to the book on tape.....When Zachary Beaver comes to town.. a wonderful childs book that is read by one of my absolute favorite books on tape reader....Will Patton

I LOVED creating them for you Queen Erin... YOU get 1st choice!
The Queen claimed all....................... thank you!!
  • take none
  • take one
  • OR take them all, up to  you!   YOU rule, yay! :)
  • you have 24 hours to decide
Please comment below if you are interested in 2nd choice!


Vivienne #1
(strongwilled & bossy)
35mm hole to hole, 3/32nd

Priscilla #2
(elelgant & classy)
includes one of Jackie Gundlefingers wonderful butterfly murrini!
34mm hole to hole, 3/32nd 

Belinda #3
(shy & quiet)
31mm hole to hole, 1/16th

 Lola #4
(proud & very very smart)
32mm, 1/16th
lovely murrini from Lori & Kim

Jeniece #5 (ooh lovely dichroic strip in her body)
(kind & gentle)
26mm, 1/16th

Auntie Mae #6
(comedic & kooky)
has 2 murrini that were made by Lori & Kim
27mm, 1/16th

Flynn #7
30mm, 1/16th
(outspoken, yet caring)

Ophelia #8
28mm, 1/16th
(wise & wonderful)

 Megan #9
31mm, 1/16th
(artistic and scatterbrained)

Camille#10 (last but not least)
with her strand of wild hair from her brow gone astray
38mm, 1/6th
(demure, bashful)

much love,


  1. Denise!!!! Girlfriend, you are BACK with a Vengeance, hon :-D
    Delightful, delightful, DELIGHTFUL!!! And did I happen to mention that these little cuties are DELIGHTFUL??!!!! :-D
    I hope you like your beads Queen Erin, they do you proud, hon :-)
    If, by some chance, you decide to leave any, I would DELIGHTED to have Camille or Jeniece to come live with me, though I must confess Vivienne and I share similar personality traits :-D

    Welcome back, Denise, it's wonderful to see the Queen's beads again :-) And I DO love that belly-button murrini, too FAB :-D

    Love & Hugs!! Regina B

  2. *I would also BE delighted... :-D Typing NOT my strong suit! XOXOX

  3. Dear, dear Denise...
    I am near speechless!! Using the standard words like stunning, phenomenal, drop dead gorgeous just won't do here!! Denise, you have captured my 'dream' bead...SEVERAL times over!! Each and every one is flawless...TRULY!! Regina, feeling a bit guilty but I must claim them all...I have been on a 'bead buying' rampage lately and something tells me that this may be my big fling for a while! 😩 Thank you so much, Denise!! πŸ˜€ This group is extraordinary!!
    Much love,
    Erin πŸ’•

  4. Awe, you have made me feel so very wonderful--thank you Queen Erin!!

  5. That is because you are, Denise! πŸ˜€ Btw, love the sound of 'Queen Erin'...it works! πŸ˜‰
    Night, night...

  6. Queen Erin, no worries :-) In my heart I was hoping you would take them all, I know they are going to a loving home :-)

    Enjoy your new lovelies, Erin :-)

    Cheers to you both! Regina B :-) <3

  7. Queen Erin, no worries :-) In my heart I was hoping you would take them all, I know they are going to a loving home :-)

    Enjoy your new lovelies, Erin :-)

    Cheers to you both! Regina B :-) <3

  8. Awww I love them all! And I can totally see their personalities shining through! <3 - Dana

  9. Dear Regina,
    Thank you, thank you and may I say you are such a PEACH...truly!!! πŸ˜‰ Until further notice, I will be watching all of Denise's lovelies being purchased by you and all her many admirers from....the doghouse!! Heeeheee!!
    Much love,
    Erin ❤️

  10. Ooooh, love, love, LOVE them ALL, Denise! Hope all you mothers had a BLESSED Mother's Day (even the ladies who aren't mothers)! Hope you had a fantastic one that day, too, Denise!! I think I especially love Megan, Ophelia (reminds me of my maternal grandma, whose name was really unusual {Odiel}; she was a very special and elegant lady who really helped raise me while my mother taught high school history in Chicago) and Priscilla with her butterfly "tatoo".

    Much Love and God's Blessings to you and yours, Denise!,♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆


  11. Also feel I'm a LOT like Megan personality-wise, Denise, by the way!


  12. Such a happy group of notes for you, Denise, for your return :-) Welcome back :-)

    Erin, I appreciate the 'peach' reference, hon, I just hope you didn't have to touch one as you wrote it :-D :-D

    HUGS! Regina B

  13. For sure...love Denise's blog! It's so cozy with all the fun and friendly chit chat! Regina, you are hilarious! Nope, I'm safe...they're out of season! ;)

  14. I am sooo new and this and just stumbled on your work! Loooove them... You mentioned QUEEN.... Please, let me try that! You are so gifted, bring joy with those little Buddies!

    1. Hi Becky!... Okay adding you to the list! thanks so very much. Looking forward to creating your lovelies! Email is easier for me... sorry just now seeing this!

  15. Denise I love the colors in number 8! Could you do one in that color for one of my queen beads?