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Sunday, May 22, 2016

Queen Karen.......... tiny mismatched owl pairs

I LOVED creating them for you Queen Karen... You get 1st choice

  • take none
  • take one
  • OR take them all, up to you!  YOU rule!
  • you have 24hours to decide.  
Please comment below if you are interested in 2nd choice!

Set #1-SOLD
Set #2-SOLD
Set #3-SOLD

Set #1-SOLD
Set #2-SOLD


  1. Hi, Denise!
    How wonderful are these?! Enjoy Queen Karen!! If you do not take, the 1st owl (blue with dots) in 2nd set, I would love to be considered for 2nd choice! Beautiful, Denise!!
    Much love,

  2. What a group of little cuties, Denise :-) Cuteness RULES!!!

    Enjoy your lovelies, Queen Karen :-)

    Ciao, ladies! Houses don't clean themselves, unfortunately ;-)

    Regina B :-) <3