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Thursday, June 2, 2016

Queen Susan........ owls

The lovely Queen Susan has chosen the owl for her bead selection.  She sent me a few pictures for inspiration and I took it from there, wanting smaller owls along with flowers, dots and lots of details.  I reviewed the pictures several times, went to the torch and took it from there.  Hoping I 'hit the mark' for you Queen Susan, I understand that what you envision may not be what I create.

Anyone may request to be Queen.  I will add your name to the bottom of the list and a week or so before your beads will be done I will contact you.

Queen Susan has

  • 24 hours to decide
  • take none, 1 or all
  • anyone may comment to request 2nd choice, I will contact you if  you are chosen, thank you!
I really enjoy creating 'your' beads!

all SOLD or listed on my group page on facebook
The Queen took the ones that were commented on below!

23mm, 1/16th

22mm, 1/16th

25mm, 1/16th

(she got caught in a late spring snowstorm!) dusting of white enamel
23mm, 1/16th

26mm, 1/16th

21mm, 1/16th

24mm, 1/16th

 Delilah (sorry Dolly's fur)
28mm, 3/32nd

24mm, 3/32nd


  1. Sooooo scrummy, Ms Denise :-) Another wonderful set of lovlies, my friend :-)

    Enjoy your beads, Queen Susan, they are wonderful :-)

    Denise, if Queen Susan decides to let Floyd fly the coop, may I be considered for 2nd Choice? Thanks!

    Happy Friday to all :-)

    Love, Regina B

  2. Oh My What Beauties you have created!!! :)

  3. So, so lovely! Might I pleased be considered 2nd choice for Culpepper and Melanie? Thanks ever so much! <3 :)

  4. Sweet Dolly doggie's fur on Delilah, Denise!

    She just couldn't help herself from helping mom out and sending her love everyone's way!!

    lol with lots of smiles (to you and Dolly {and Daisy, too!})

    Much Love and Hugs,