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Wednesday, June 8, 2016

The Bald Eagle..............

Bald eagles are simply amazing creatures!  I am so blessed to live where they thrive!  The Puget Sound is home to many many different types of birds. Eagles are salmon lovers but also will take small animals like rabbits, chickens, crows and cats.   I walk down to the beach for exercise and love to listen to the birds with their joyful songs as I engage in nature.  It's about a 2 mile walk round trip...............its downhill all the way.  I will sit on the bench at the beach for a bit, gather my thoughts and stare out into the sound and then pray for the energy to walk back home. I get to watch all the birds in flight and many resting on the sand when the tide is out.  Often there are bald eagles, blue heron, swallows and of course gulls.  The Eagle has the most piercing cry, it is very recognizable.
 The hill is a steep grade in parts and I feel my muscles working, building and straining to move smoothly as I make my way home.

So..... on the way to work this morning I was driving up the road and in front of me I saw a car that drove around something in the road.    It looked like small roadkill, perhaps a squirrel, and I focused on that as I got closer because I didn't want to drive over it, even if it was dead when all of a sudden dropping from the sky about 5 or 6 car lengths in front of me was a bald eagle, with his talons down and probably about 3 feet from snatching it up when it turned and looked at me in my approaching vehicle and it pivoted and flew upward, huge expansive wings flapping--such power!  I was in awe...........  It was incredible, amazing, and such a gift & blessing for me to see. The lightning speed in which it turned and flew away was simply astonishing and it took my breath away.

a great documentary from NatGeo
Bald Eagle documentary

much love,


  1. Dear Denise,
    This piece about the Bald Eagles was informative and beautifully written. I "walked" along with you and enjoyed every step. Many thanks!

  2. You live in a wonderland, Denise, I am envious at times. And you describe it so beautifully, with appreciation. Not enough people take the time to look around them and 'see' what is around them. Thank you for sharing your island with us, you are one of its marvelous caretakers, my friend :-)
    I hope you'll keep sharing 'you' with us here on the blog, hon :-)

    Love and hugs, Regina B :-) <3

  3. Hi, Denise! Hi, Regina, too! I just read this incredible story now...How amazing to have this wonder in your own back yard or just down the road! I love the American Bald Eagle and would consider this event one of my life's dreams to witness something like this!! Thank you for sharing, Denise!
    Lots of love,