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Friday, July 29, 2016

Queen Erin................... birds, owls, wizardry owls

Queen Erin's choices!
take none, 1 or all
anyone may comment below for 2nd choice.

The Queen has chosen all but JAY the bird and DORCAS the WizArDrY owl

based in pale celery green with aqua frit, pink roses, transparent turquoise

based in transparent green, rolled in frit. dark pink rosette with leaf stringer

Based in periwinkle blue, rolled in multicolor frit with dark pink rosette

 Dorcas--LISTED on facebook
31mm hole to hole
golden based with raku reflective frit, metallic glass accents

cobalt blue, encased, goldstone stringer, rose murrini from Lori & Kim.   air trapped eyes

36mm, 1/16th
based in light celery green, encased in clear, black polka dots, pink chintz roses, super metalic glass accents

26mm, 1/16th
based in transparent green, rolled in frit, red rosettes, metallic accents

32mm, 1/16th
periwinkle blue with orange pumpkin, yellow moon, metallic wings, air trapped eyes

transparent dark teal, crinkle dichroic strip, encased, metallic accents

based in celery green, pink chintz roses, black polka dots, teal wings

much love,


  1. Morning, Denise!
    Wow! They are so sweet and adorable! Thank you for creating these very lovely beads for me! I always feel so privileged to be Queen! I will send you a note shortly...There are a few I may want wire wrapped with dangles...just trying to decide! Again, many thanks!
    Lots of love,
    Erin 🙂

  2. HOLY MOLY, Denise!! What a FABULOUS set of birdies and such for Ms Queen Erin!! I love the little birdies with their little flowers :-) Queen Erin, I think they compliment that personality of yours just perfectly :-)

    Enjoy your beads, hon, I think they are delightful :-)

    Cheers and hugs to you both, ladies :-) <3]
    You both KNOW who this is... ;-) <3

  3. LOL!! What a piece of work you are, Ms. B! Denise's work does bring out the BEST in ALL of us! Her beads definitely soothes this savage beast! �� I am always thrilled when my parcel arrives...I just sit, study and smile! With all the madness lately, I needed a shot of Vitamin D-enise! Always cures what ails me! A bit corny I know but true! Have a lovely weekend! ��
    Much love,

    1. awe... makes my heart sing! thank you Erin and Regina for your lovely comments!

  4. The question marks are smiley faces or so I thought!!

  5. The perfect response, Ms E :-) Vitamin D-enise :-D There's a a business venture if I ever saw one ;-) :-D

    Hugs & Kisses, ladies ;-) <3

  6. The perfect response, Ms E :-) Vitamin D-enise :-D There's a a business venture if I ever saw one ;-) :-D

    Hugs & Kisses, ladies ;-) <3