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Sunday, July 31, 2016

Queen Karen..........

Hi Queen Karen, thanks for your request to be a Queen!   This is your first time and welcome!...You have 24 hours to review them, please let me know if you have decided to choose any of them.  Take none, 1, or even all of them.. YOU rule!    If anyone is interested in 2nd choice please COMMENT below and I will contact you.  I try to be fair and give everyone opportunity... doing the best I can.
It is best to have no expectations when being Queen.....  but hoping that I've hit the mark for you Karen!

What did the Queen request?

OWLS/PiNK-----some with roses, some with tilted eyes...... and I took it from there.  Here's what I've come up with.

24mm, 3/32nd

"Cupid"--listed on facebook
23mm, 1/16th

27mm, 1/16th

"Gumdrop" listed on facebook
27mm, 1/16th

"Kitten"  (my fave)
the most lovely murrini!
36mm, 1/16th

24mm, 1/16th

26mm, 1/16th

23mm, 1/16th

"Sweet Pea"
22mm, 1/16th

28mm, 1/16th

much love,


  1. OMG!!!! Such FABULOUS pink cuties, Ms Denise!!! Queen Karen, I hope you gasped, spit your coffee out and started doing the Queen Karen Happy Dance!!!! :-D They are delightful, Denise, I'm sooo happy you are back to doing Queen's Beads :-) Enjoy your lovelies, Queen Karen :-) <3

    Should any remain (I doubt there will be ;-) ), may I please be considered for Snickerdoodle? RIGHTEOUS eyebrow ridge! And Denise, the names are TOO FUN!!! SCRUMMY! :-) <3

    Enjoy, Karen, and hugs to all! :-)

    Regina B <3

  2. Hi Denise,

    These are GORGEOUS! Please may I be considered for 2nd choice, I'm interested should the reining Queen not choose in your FAV KITTEN, DIMPLES, COOKIE LOLLIPOP, SNICKERDOODLE, TOOTSIE Love the names this time! So creative as always!
    Hugs & Love sent,
    Have a BEAUTIFUL Sunday,
    Love MJC

  3. Denise, Denise, Denise...I am stammering a bit but SO HEAVENLY!!! Congratulations Quuen Karen!! Beautiful pinks for you!! Love their coy expressions!! Have fun with your new treasures!! I would like to be considered for Dimples, Kitten or Lollipop if any remain! Have a wonderful days,
    Lots of love,
    Erin ��