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Sunday, August 14, 2016

Queen Jan........ under the water theme........

Hi Queen Jan!  Thanks so much for your request and for me to change things up a bit.  I really enjoyed creating these!   My favorite one is the seal..   I will have to get more of those done!

You have 1st choice, you RULE!   Take none, 1, or even all.
You have 24 hours to decide.
ALL remaining beads will be posted on my facebook page OR comment HeRe!  and I will toss your name into the hat for 2nd choice

30mm, 1/16th

Carlotta the bat star
18mm, 1/16th

Ursula & urchin

tail is 3D and is actually raised above the surface

25mm, 1/16th

27mm, 3/32nd
Acid etched!

16x34mm, 1/16th

13x29mm, 3/32nd

12x38mm, 3/32nd
My FaVe!!

approx 11-12mm

approx 7x12mm
acid etched

much love,

1 comment:

  1. Denise, TOO COOL!!! These are truly fun and you are definitely thinking out of the lobster pot, hon :-D
    Have fun making your choices, Queen Jan, what a FUN topic to choose :-)
    Denise, if Queen Jan decides to let Carlotta the Bat Star go, may I please be considered for 2nd Choice? You know me and bats ;-)

    Happy Sunday to all!
    Hugs & Kisses, Regina B :-) <3