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Do you want to be Queen?

In order to be added to this list I have to add you--please email me: DeniseAnnette@me.com thank you!

HeRe ArE sOmE GuiDeLiNeS tO gO bY!

The Queen gets to decide on:
1. one color choice
2. one type of bead
4. you have 24 hours to decide
5. I will invoice you directly through PayPal

this is not a forum for custom order beads, just letting you choose my direction for the days creations, and giving you the opportunity to have 1st choice. thanks!

Let me MiX It Up!

I usually will have 10 beads for you to choose from.

This is how it works~~~~ YOU will get 1st choice... no pressure to buy any--really. I know what you envision may not be what I make.

Please pay within 24hours unless other arrangements have been made.

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